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Wednesday, February 21st 2018
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1 Sugar Myth Busted – Kids Health

Sugar Makes Children Hyperactive – Kids Health

Take it from most parents, give kids sugar and then watch them bounce off the walls. But I bet you have all heard the latest talk around town that sugar doesn’t in fact make your child hyperactive?

Well I completely disagree, and I think I’ve discovered the issue here! It is simply a language label issue.

I was reading the New Scientist Magazine the other day, (great read by the way) anyway it had an article of 5 common food myths it wanted to bust. One of these myths it agreed with was that sugar does NOT make kids hyperactive. It said a 1996 review of 12 blinded studies (Critical Reviews in Food Science & Nutrition, vol 36, pg 31), revealed no evidence to support kids were sensitive to sugar. The article even suggested it was all in the parents minds! Well, to think!

What they did find though, was the energy children got from sugar did fuel (for a short time) an ability to focus (Biology Psychology, vol 78, p242).

Now if you were a kid and you loved to play, what are you going to focus on after eating sugar? Well, PLAY of course and I’d want to PLAY PLAY PLAY!!! Which in certain environments lends itself to bouncing off walls!

So let the scientists call it what they want, I call that going crazy on sugar.

As Andrew Scholey, from Swinburne University said, “Provision of energy is clearly going to increase the possibility of energy expenditure”.

So it’s proven – sugar does not create hyperactivity (even in ADHD kids) but it does boost energy!

Lets us not forget SS =  Sugar Sucks! So give kids healthy food for energy instead.


Don’t get too excited though, healthy food does not comatose kids 🙁  – in fact my son manages to bounce off walls after any meal he eats.

Good food fills tanks!

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