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Breastfeeding In Public Is Out-Bloody-Rageous!!?

Hollie McNish. A wonderful poet puts society straight. 

Watch Hollies’ take, on the ridiculous state the worlds society has got itself into. All over such a beautiful nurturing &  motherly event – Breastfeeding a little baby.

When did this happen? When I breastfed I didn’t notice it in Sydney… Was I so blissfully ignorant when breastfeeding in public?Perhaps Sydney hasn’t succumbed to the insanity? Or was I just not noticing? I did find the mothers rooms stinky, but at least you had a private cubicle. Uh huh! I was unaware it was there to shield others from seeing my boobs! I thought it was for me! Me!!  Well I am glad I didn’t notice the madness around me. All I could see was my darling tiny baby’s divine and snuffling face as she fed.

My breastfeeding days are over now, the length of my feeders can testify to that, but to all those mummies still feeding and all the mummies to be – Teach those strange detached naysayers a lesson and flash your breastfeeding boobies. All you have to do is just focus on your babies face, and you will know your doing the right thing. Thanks Hollie. x L 

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