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Chemical Free Living

Easy Steps to Reduce Your Families Toxic Chemical Intake

  • Air out your home daily. Sleep with windows open if possible. Throw away Chemical Cleaners. You don’t need them. Use Vinegar and a Natural Dishwashing Detergent with a 20 cent green scrubber.
  • Eat fresh natural foods. Avoid processed foods. Avoid anything with preservatives, colours or flavours.
  • Use only natural shampoo or conditions for children. If you must use chemical shampoo on adult hair, use it only 50% of the time.
  • Use only natural toothpaste without fluoride. Also if you prefer to keep using a fluoride toothpaste, try restricting it to 50% of the time by using the natural toothpaste in the mornings.
  • Eat Organic whenever possible. Always scrub fruit and veggies with a scrubbing brush. You can also use vinegar to wash the veggies and fruit in. This helps remove pesticides.
  • Avoid eating bruised spotted fruit as the pesticides build up in these areas.
  • Avoid eating fat from animal products, as the pesticides are stored by the animals in their fat.
  • Turn off all the power points and wifi before going to sleep. Leave your mobile phones on for emergencies through the night but leave it in the room furthest away from bedrooms.
  • Use clothes washing powder that is petro chemical free and biodegradable….
  • When driving the car keep the recirculate button switched on, with the windows down a couple of inches for some fresh air. This prevents the traffic pollution from other cars and also from your own car, being sucked into the car.
  • Leave your shoes at the door to prevent any toxic substances you or your kids may have unwittingly walked in coming into the home.
  • Never burn fragrance oil. Only ever use pure natural oils. They are healing rather then toxic.
  • Try to avoid burning cheap toxic candles. You can find natural soya candles which are scented with pure essential oils.
  • Avoid spraying bug killers or air fresheners. These are toxic when inhaled. You can purchase a natural mozzie repellent for the kids if you are going camping.
  • Buy natural soaps that have no toxic fragrance or palm oil.
  • Use a cotton dishcloth for washing the dishes or even just a cotton face washcloth will do, along with a silver scrubber for the tough stuff.
  • Wash your dishes in a natural dishwashing liquid or dishwashing machine powder.

People may think that buying natural products or organic products is more expensive. Sometimes it is but after weighing up all the other costs involved with the toxic chemicals found in the cheaper products, the natural option will always end up coming out the winner in the cost stake.

To combat the upfront cost of buying a slightly more expensive healthy alternative, whether it is food or a cleaning product, I always make the product last longer or eat smaller helpings of the food.  For example, just say it’s a tray of fat free prime organic lamb cutlets, I will just serve smaller helpings of the cutlets to the family. We tend to eat more meat then we need in a sitting anyway and it’s better to eat less of something healthy then more of something full of fat and hormones.

Or take the dishwashing liquid I buy. It’s pure and natural and you could mix it with water as a cordial and probably drink it and be ok (though I don’t think I’ll be trying that). It is $8 though, so I stretch it out and use it carefully in order to get my money’s worth. I put a little bit on my dish cloth then wash some of the dishes. After a little bit I will add a wee bit more for the next batch and so on and so on. It’s amazing how long this dishwashing liquid lasts me now. So much better then buying the $4 bottle of chemical junk which (no matter how much you rinse) is sure to leave a coating of chemical residual which will rub off on my food next time I eat.

Making sure the kids leave the soap bar out of the water also ensures a longer life expectancy.

Have a look at my Shopping List if you’s like to know what I use.

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