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Children’s Health – Does Your Child Have A Food Intolerance?

Please find our guest Natropath, Eliza Blackwood’s tips on children’s health & food intolerance.

Our bodies have very individual digestive abilities and sometimes a food that is very healthy for one person, just isn’t right for another.

A food allergy is usually an obvious reaction to a food but food intolerances can be easily missed with vague symptoms that your child might not be able to express to you or symptoms that might seem totally unrelated to digestion. Some of the most common signs of food intolerances include:

1. Eczema,
2. Asthma,
3. Constipation and/or diarrhoea
4. Sore tummies,
5. Repeat urinary tract infections
6. Congestion, constant cough or drippy nose
7. Repeat ear or throat infections
8. Mood changes, behaviour difficulties
9. Sleep disturbance.

Do you suspect your child might have an issue with a food? Are you concerned about any symptoms you child might be having?

A Naturopath will help you identify any possible reactions to food with either a simple pin-prick blood test or a food exclusion diet. The foods test targets a different part of the immune system than an allergy test. This is an important difference. Any diet changes are well supported with good nutritional advice and tips on making easy meals and snacks.

Common food intolerance includes wheat, dairy, eggs or soy. People often ask why would healthy foods be a problem? It is often the foods we eat most of in our diets that can end up being a trigger. Those foods listed above tend to be the most prolific foods in our diets and with such high exposure, a susceptible digestive system may form and intolerance.

70% of our immune system resides in our gut with more immune reactions happening in our digestive system in a day, than in the rest of our bodies in a year.

This means that our digestive system integrity, balance and function can make us susceptible to the immune response that forms food intolerances. When a child is born, both the digestive system and the immune system is not yet fully developed. This is why allergy and food intolerance symptoms are common when kids are little and seem to ‘grow out’ of them.

There is a genetic link to food intolerances but having an imbalanced digestive system is thought to be the major contributing factor. Antibiotics, stress, certain medications such as Nurofen (a non-steroidal anti inflammatory drug), and poor diet (high in processed grains and sugar) all create imbalance within our digestive systems.

Supporting your kids health by being in control of their diet and making sure they eat balanced healthy foods that their little body’s tolerate and digests well will set them up for healthy teenage and adult years.

Naturopath – Eliza Blackwood

For Sydney appointments with Eliza call on: 02 9275 8805

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