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Diet Is A Dirty Word

Yep, it’s dirty.

In more ways than one.

This is a relevant reality for both adults and children these days, because strangely it makes no difference between the ages in regards to their perception of the word, diet. Yet when I was a child, I never once heard the word spoken.

But today the word ‘diet’ is damaged beyond repair, and we should chuck it out. In fact chuck it out, along with your set of weighing scales. There’s really no need for either of them.We all know when we are overweight. It’s simply obvious if you take a look or if your eyes are squeezed shut, like mine often are, there comes a point in time where you can no longer deny that even your fat jeans are tight cutting off your air.

But ** There is a point to consider though, which I touched on in one of my previous blogs, that as parents, the statistics  say we don’t see when we are overweight and we see even less when our children are. Facinating.

I’m pretty sure we do see it and in fact seeing it when it isn’t there is also a problem in itself! Perhaps we see it when we’re ready to see it, and everyone knows no-one does anything unless they are good and ready to do so. So I think the benefit of not having a set of weighing scales hovering around our psyche, not to mention our adolescent girls, is worth the risk. In fact just smash it, with a big rock. Which reminds me, my daughter told our new neighbour we had no tv because, ” Mummy smashed it with a big hammer.” I wondered for ages why that neighbor seemed to avid  me. Funny the things kids come out with. God help what their teachers think of all us parents.

But the point:

I had a quick chat with a friend over Facebook earlier, and a comment of her’s provoked a realisation in me that there was actually more than one dirty in the word diet.


1. The more kids or adults worry about their weight and the more they diet, the more likely you and your child will get fatter.

2. These days, Psychological terror has attached itself to the word. My friend mentioned whenever she is eating healthily, which she promises is 80% of the time, that her children pronounce that their mummy is on a diet. So to kids – eating clean fresh produce is a from of suffering and missing out – they call it (diet).

3. The other dirty of diet is that it means there is a problem and it can connect with what you look like. Big dirty.

4. Because diet now means ‘to suffer’ and to ‘be deprived’, it sets up an instant aversion to eating and enjoying good wholesome clean food.

Eating well is about feeding your body, not terrorizing it. Eat, and eat well, just simply steer clear of wheat and sugar and of course processed foods, instead concentrating on lots of fresh healthy foods.

There are probably more dirties to point out, but I’m sure I’ve laboured the point by now.

So once you’ve thrown the word out of the house permanently what do you use and when?


We are changing what we eat, or, we are eating healthy clean food kids because:

1. It’s all about getting healthy and strong.

2. We exercise to keep our muscles strong, which stops back pain and headaches 🙂

3. Eating healthy, clean foods make us bounce out of bed in the morning… (most of the time).

4. The energy we get from feeling physically strong and eating good food makes us happier and healthier.

5. We eat healthy fresh foods to prevent illnesses like, heart attack and cancer.

6. Because the exercise makes us strong, we are able to walk and run around having fun with each other and getting a lot more done in a day.

If your child is already overweight, your goal would be to help them enjoy their body, build up their physical strength and chase away future disease by eating only fresh healthy produce. The word d..t or come to think of it the word, weight, never needs to be used. Instead just focus on the benefits of health and fitness.

Nothing beats motivating a child a better than, the truth.

1. Arm your kids with knowledge. Tell them how the foods companies are marketing to them and while they get rich your child will eventually get ill. Because we all know the truth, everything will catch up to us in the end.

2. Tell them the companies want their money, and it’s up to us to not get sucked into the hype. A fantastic show on the truth for consumers that every parent should watch with their kids is on this link. Watch it tonight!

3. Tell them instead to cherish their lives and bodies, and to live life to the full, sparkling with good health.

4. Read the ingredients on the junk food, they nag you to buy and say – “Ok, if it’s natural good food, then you can have it”.

When you get home, sit together in front of the computer and one at a time, type in the ingredient list. Then ask them to read out the research you have found on these ingredients. They will be discovering when they read, just how toxic and poisonous these ingredients really are to their little bodies.

We never had so much poisonous junk when we were kids. What the governments are allowing the manufacturers and marketers to sell and market to us and our kids these days is just atrocious.

Will kids get fat on healthy natural foods?

I have only seen children and adults get fat on natural healthy foods if they eat breads and sugar. Bread and sugar is natural and in very small doses is fine. In small amounts, it will not normally make you overweight.

*** But I have a theory, and that is: if you cut out breads and sugar from your life, you can eat as much as you like, of all the other natural foods and you will lose a lot of weight. You will certainly not get fat, healthy yes but not fat.

I believe that a great majority of people, get an allergic bloated look to their bodies when they eat bread and sugar. It’s as if they are sensitive and can’t digest or deal with these foods. People with this bloated look also never seem to able to lose weight, no matter how much they exercise, until they stop eating sugar and bread.  I believe this type of person cannot tolerate these foods.

So if you or your child possibly fall into this category, perhaps give it a go cutting breads and sugar out for a few months and see what happens. Remember eat plenty of other natural yummy foods, berries, yoghurt, homemade treats with honey, ect… You will be able to bring these foods back into your life in smaller doses after you have given your body a break.

I tell you what I really do know though, and that is – Adults and kids will definitely get fat on junk and packaged food.

Did you notice I haven’t mentioned the word d..t lately? 🙂

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x L

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