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Wednesday, February 21st 2018
Published on July 22, 2013 by: admin 0

Dismantle Child Marketing – Arm Kids With The Truth

The Checkout

I watched this show with my kids and laughed out loud. You’ve got to watch it. The most amazing thing about this series is, it gave my children the information they needed in order to better understand just how manipulated and lied to they are, everyday by society’s marketing machine.

Checkout provided information which backed up my worn out and desperate cries as a mum, like ‘No it’s just junk’ – ‘You don’t need it’ – ‘Don’t believe everything you read on packaging darling’ – ‘I know it says natural, but it’s not. I promise,’ and so forth.

With so many battles to negotiate, all of which takes time and patience as parents, any extra help we can get is just damn fantastic.

So knock yourselves out, lie back on the couch with the kids and get the 10 episodes under your belt before it goes offline.

Remember parents, your allowed to highlight truths and matters which are relevant to your family, as the show goes along.

Like; ‘See I told you so! See! Mummy is right. She does care.’

If your kids get bored, tie them down with gaffer tape.  ABC’s The Checkout

Enjoy x L

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