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Grapes Hidden Dangers! Pesticides & Moulds. Part 2

Kids Love Grapes – But Beware of Hidden Danger from Pesticides & Moulds.


Due to some recent research, I have discovered that grapes are amazingly good for you and are now one of my families new superfoods. You can see why on part 1 of this blog, but for now let part 2 reveal the darker side of grapes.

If not washed intensely they will remain covered in mould and pesticides and trust me you don’t want to eat mould or pesticides, see notes below **

Don’t let me terrify you too much though, especially considering how I’ve just discovered the unbelievable health benefits of grapes, because thankfully, we can clean that dark side up in a jiffy!

Actually you may read my grape washing instructions below and freak out, perhaps even cry out loud. “OMG she’s mad, it’s just a grape for heavens sake!”

Well yes, you may be a bit right, I can’t promise, I’m not a touch starkers, but I do promise you that if you clean your grapes like an OCD, it’s really not such a bad idea 🙂

Creating A Sparkling Grape
1. Pluck grapes off vine and place in a straining bowl.
2. Splash over some cheap white vinegar and slowly run the water over the top.
3. Rub each grape individually then popping them as you go into another strainer or on a tea-towel to dry.
4. When done give the loose grapes a good shake in the tea-towel and allow them to air dry. Every half hour or so, give them another shake. The grapes must be thoroughly dry before storing.
5. Once dried, pack in container and store in the fridge. Perfect for kids lunches and snacks.
6. 1 x cup of loose grapes = 1 piece of fruit.

Extra Fun Facts

1. Freeze the grapes for the kids. They love them on a hot summers day! *** Might be best not to give a child under 3 a frozen grape.
2. Best grape seasons in Australia is from December to May.
3. Grapes were first cultivated 8000 years ago by the Egyptians and even the Chinese before the ice age!
4. I found a fun page on grapes grown in Australia which you may wish to look at with the kids here.
5. Did you know that grapes can kill a dog? Why they kill dogs, they still don’t know, but pesticides and even different grapes varieties have been ruled out, it’s just simply something in the grape that dogs can’t handle.  Your dogs will die from renal failure. So don’t feed your doggy any grapes kiddies!

**Mould can kill and should be taken seriously. See my blog on mould here.

**More than 34 Pesticides residues have been found on grapes. This is a fantastic site I found, which gives you the run down on what pesticides are on what foods. Grapes have known carcinogenic pesticides. You should take a look.

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