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Published on November 28, 2014 by: admin 0

Healthy Kids Dinners – Veggie, Bean and Beef Stew

Want some healthy kids dinners? Look no further!

Heart warming and intensely nutritious, this stew has everything in it, from beans and lentils to beef and potatoes. Yet still it manages to taste soft, warm and unchallenging for the kids. In fact it tastes just like a lamb roast, only it’s so much healthier.

Cook up a big batch, both in winter or summer, and you will have plenty left over to put at least 6 future dinners in the freezer. That’s 6 easy healthy kids dinner’s.

For easy, healthy kids dinners, all you have to do is pull your stew out of the freezer, warm it up and when it’s hot, throw in some fresh leafy greens for a quick 3 minutes blanch at the end and bingo, you have a fantastically healthy nutritious kids meal, your little people will love.

All in only 10minutes.

To get this recipe and many more healthy kids recipes and tips, which you can print out for easy cooking – Download the Feeding Kids eBook here – Feeding Kids eBook  

Vegetable, Bean and beef Stew Healthy kids dinners

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