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Wednesday, February 21st 2018
Published on August 14, 2013 by: admin 4

Healthy School Lunches. Ep. Lunchbox #1 Easy, Quick & Healthy!

Healthy School Lunches.

Forget the old jam sandwich. You’ll discover healthy, versatile & fun school lunches made easy right here.

A series of school lunches which create healthy, fast, nutritious & yummy lunch boxes that cover the food groups; protein, calcium, fruit and even veggies.

Uncover school lunches that don’t use the typical done to death wheat sandwich, but instead are school lunches the kids will not only love, but are lunches that will benefit your child’s health, growth and happiness.

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  • Suzie
    5 years ago -

    Just watched your latest episode. Loved it! Will watch it with my kids when they get home from school as they love your show too.. Keep it up!

  • Lorna Lily Saxbee
    5 years ago -

    Thanks so much Suize, will do 🙂

  • Anna
    4 years ago -

    Hi Lorna, I have been looking for your sausage roll recipe. Aurora was eating it on the way to drama yesterday and I want it!! It smells delicious.

    • Lorna Lily Saxbee
      4 years ago -

      Hi Anna, Thanks! They are stuffed full of veggies too! The kids have them with a side of greens for dinner and then school lunches for the next few days. The video episode is still in post production but in you can get the eBook now which has a whole chapter dedicated to this recipe, along with tips on feeding kids. The recipes can also be found at the end of the eBook so you can print them out for easy viewing until you learn the recipe. It’s on this link it – Let me know how it goes!

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