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Published on November 11, 2012 by: admin 0

‘Feeding kids TV’ – Dedicated to Improving Childrens Health

Feeding Kids TV is launching our new Web-Site in preparation for the launch of our web-series on improving childrens health.

Have a look around and we would love any feedback which will  help us improve your experience.

We’re testing the site in order to avoid it crashing when the massive amount of excited traffic generated from our Web-series launch may just overwhelm the system! 🙂

Our Goal here at Feeding Kids is to provide parents with some good advice on how to do as little as possible as quickly as you can, while getting the highest health benefits happening for your children.We are about having kids eating real nutritious food by cooking simple, everyday recipes in a yummy way. Also practical recipes that can span a few meals to lessen the work load.

And whats the point of having great food when the kids don’t eat it?

Feeding Kids tv can help with that too, with tips that will get even the most difficult little cave dweller eating out of your hands.

Our forum attached to our facebook page will be contributed to by our team of children’s health experts and it’s launching in the next two weeks too! Can’t wait. We have fabulous women dedicated to not only children’s health and wellbeing but supporting parents in any troubles that may arrise.

Keep an eye out as we are also launching our ‘Feeding Kids’ eBook very soon!

Lovely to have you visit us and hope to see you again!

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