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Health Ingredients & Products we love & use, which aren’t sold in our store.

My family and I have benefited from all the health ingredients & products listed here.

Some of the products below are practitioner range and should be prescribed by a Naturopath. You will find most Health Store’s you walk into have a free Naturopath service who can prescribe these for you.

So although we cannot sell or have decided for business reasons not to sell  these products to you, we wanted to recommend them to you anyway in the hope they may benefit you too.

*Also please note – Some of these are just for adults and not recommended for children. I do use the vitamin C and the Natural Calcium for my kids, but please check with the Health Store you purchase these from what they recommend for children.

  • Nutrimedicine – Calmag Complete   (Calsium & Magnesiem)
  • Eagle – Tresos*B Pluse (Multi Vitamin with lots of the B group)
  • Nutrimedicine – Flavonoid C biocomplex (Vitamin C – For Kids Spinach Smoothie Recipe)
  • BioCeuticals – Ultra Muscleze (Magnesium Blend)
  • Lifestream – Natural Calcium (Plant Source Calcium)
  • Lifestream – Bowel Biotics with Digestive Enzymes (love this for me as it also has probiotic’s in it)
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