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Published on April 11, 2014 by: admin 0

See FeedingKids.TV Trailer ****To Watch click Here****

Getting children to eat vegetables is a number one nightmare for most parents, but a new TV/Web series promises to change that forever!

Feeding Kids is a humorous cooking/parenting show centred on a mother who hates to cook, yet is passionate about raising healthy kids. With Kids underfoot and a new guest toddler every episode, it has a down to earth approach.

Offering easy, fast & nutritious recipes that rescue parents, the healthiest food in the most delicious disguises, and the fastest dinners in the easiest way. From babies’ first taste, through the toddler-hood minefield and onto the journey up to 10 years of age, this show is set to have those little cave people eating the perfect diet.

Not just recipes, but priceless tips on how to get that perfect diet, actually those cute little tummies.

Our mission is to make parents’ lives a little easier and every child’s health a little brighter.

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