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My Little Green Shopping List

Green Cleaning

My Basic Cleaning Kit

  • White Vinegar
  • Bar of sunlight soap
  • Green Scrubbers
  • Chemical Free Natural Dishwashing Liquid
  • Stainless steel scourer puff
  • Organic dishcloth.

Optional Extras -Tea Tree Oil, Lavender Oil

*NB: You can buy the cheapest no-name Vinegar, bar of soap and green scrubbers and they will do just as good a job. You can also buy some cheap face cloths and use them as dishcloths. Much less chemicals then the commercials ones and still cheap and easily washed.


How I do it fast, cheap and naturally sparkling

Bathtub and Sinks
Using a green scrubber and a bar of soap. I wet down the surface, rub the soap onto the wet green scrubber and run it over lightly the tub or sink. Then I go back to the beginning and rub harder as the dirt has softened. It rubs straight off and I rinse. Done.

I use Vinegar for germs and a Chemical free spray for the surfaces.  First I spray all over then pour vinegar everywhere I can (without flooding the place). I actually then get a bunch of toilet paper and wipe down all the outside of the toilet including the seat etc.. Finishing off with the toilet brush for inside the toilet. This brush gets a good disinfectant at the same time from all the vinegar I’d poured in earlier. After that I pop the toilet paper in the toilet and flush the mess away. All done.

I run the water warm and slowly while squirting a little dish-washing liquid onto my dishcloth. Then I wash and rinse as I go. I find I use less dish-washing liquid and less water. I’ve tested it by putting the plug in. Using chemical free natural dish-washing liquid means its more expensive but I just use less and still get the dishes washed!

Mopping Floors
Use just a splash of dish-washing liquid, a Couple of cups of Vinegar and then fill mop bucket with very hot water. After mopping, use a dry bath mat under your feet, shuffling around to some music while you dry the floor off with it. It’s better if you dry as it also helps the cleaning.

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