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Parents School Holiday Survival Competition

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All you have to do is share your funniest or most serious & successful TIP with us – Here’s some  of mine to get you going:

1. The moment the kids get distracted, start walking slowly and carefully in the opposite direction, gradually build up your momentum, and with a quick backward glance check the coast is still clear and then – Make a run for it!! As fast as you can! As far as you can! 


2. Book yourself into a 14 day silent meditation retreat. I don’t think they (being the abovementioned) will want to come. 

3. Or as the sun begins to set – secretly turn back all the clocks 1 hour so you can get the kids to bed earlier – just remember to turn them forward again or you’ll be up at dawn 🙁

Whats your tip? Useful – Serious – Or  tongue in cheek
Be in it to win it – share your school holiday survival tip now!

Well Holidays Are Over & We’ve  Survived Again. It’s Time to Announce Our Fantastic Winners And Their Tips Below.

By Kathleen Petersen –  A dear friend’s mother took all her kids to a park, leant against a big tree and said, “This is the place where monsters steal mothers; so I need all of you to guard me and be very quiet so they won’t hear you”. And she slept.

By Dana Eager – Gaffa tape them to the wall for two weeks. Using fresh tape after each food and bathroom break will ensure their adhesion no matter how much they struggle. :~)

By Fiamma Kitching – Tip Grandma’s, grandpa’s, Nonnas and Aunties is my tip for the hollies peeps!

By  Brigid Smith – Ask their Aunty to take the gorgeous ones out for a day x

By Suzie O’Toole  –  drink. Is that bad?

By Emilia Bresciani – Connect with the child within, let your hair down and play…

By Andrew Campbell – ear plugs! and Lots of play dates (at other kids places) oh! Is that bad?

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  • Emilia
    5 years ago -

    Grat achievement Lorna, my sincerest congratulations! Love to see you soon.

    • Lorna Lily Saxbee
      5 years ago -

      Thank You so much Emilia. Your post on Facebook was just lovely. I will add it to the comments below. x lorna

  • Brigid
    5 years ago -

    Ask their Aunty to take the gorgeous ones out for the day x

  • Chris
    5 years ago -

    How about not looking at it as a chore but your last day of existence on this place we call earth.

    • Lorna Lily Saxbee
      5 years ago -

      Yes your so right Chris! Have to remember that, every day. Children are the biggest blessing we can have on earth.

      Just some days… a touch challenging 😉

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