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Stop! Stinky Water Bottles Are – Mouldy & Full Of Bacteria!

Don’t drink From Smelly Water Bottles. Your drinking Mould, Bacteria & God Knows What.


You know we have all done it. You’ve been at gym or just plain thirsty and gone to have a sip out of your bottle and phew! Stinky. But you think… arh …  it can’t be that bad and off you go and drink it. Well it is that bad! But here are some tips for getting your children’s and your bottles squeaky clean.

P.S I hope they are Stainless Steel Food Grade bottles…? Hmmm? I believe, after lots of intense reading, …(some would say scare mongering reading) be that as it may, I do believe that there is no such thing as safe plastic. Especially when it warms up in a school bag or a car seat. But that is another blog – I’ll get onto it asap & put link here when I’m done 😉

Ok, You will need:

bottle brush
baking soda
dishwashing liquid
cheap white vinegar
uncooked rice
hot water


1. First put boiling water and a dash of dishwashing liquid into bottle. Give it a wee scrub with your brush, then leave it to sit for a bit.
2. Rinse bottle out then half fill with really hot water.
3. Add 3 Tablespoons of Baking Soda to water.
4. Add 1/3 of a cup of uncooked rice to water.
5. Then nearly fill to top with white vinegar, leaving just enough room to shake the water around.
6. Shake it baby, vigorously till your arm aches. That’s the bottle, not your bootie!
7. Open lid but beware! Explosive bubbles may erupt! Get that bottle brush back to work and scrub around
8. Lastly pour it all out, giving it a good rinse with hot water leaving it to drain on the sideboard.
9. Later have a smell. Should be as fresh as a daisy.
10.Not such a big deal to clean is it? Well worth it. Do the kids bottles every 3 days when you wash their lunch boxes.

*Actually this is a fun bubbling wash up chore the kids would just love to get their hands into 🙂


Using a squeeze of lemon in your water has many health benefits and it can keep your bottle a little fresher.
Clean bottles every couple of days.
When storing never keep the lid on. Leave the lid off to air or it will grow mould. Mould grows within 24 hours in a moist environment.
Must have a bottle brush for cleaning.

P.S.S I have been accused of being a touch OCD – so feel free to only do this wash once a week…

And yep, you can get your brush here or water bottle here 🙂BottleBrushBaby


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