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Is it OK to tell a parent their child is gaining weight?

Sydney University Childhood Obesity Report

When weight changes slowly sometimes we don’t notice, until it’s too late and childhood obesity has taken hold.
The latest Sydney Uni research report on childhood obesity shows this. Please find summarised quotes from this report for you below.

70 per cent of parents with overweight kids ,who were suffering from childhood obesity, thought their child was the right weight.

Parents often do no realise they as parents are also obese, as well as their children.

The childhood obesity study sadly found that one in five children will turn up to their first day of kindergarten overweight or obese.

Basically by 5 years of age the metabolic foundations for chronic disease risk later in life had been established…

…families are suffering from the consequences of marketing activities. 
 We’ve got about 30 per cent of five-year-olds with a TV in their bedroom…

…it’s not the TV that does it, it’s the snacking that accompanies watching TV.

This study is a good indication that our community is having trouble registering what a healthy weight range for their children is. We all know parents want the best for their children, so it is up to us as individuals and businesses to support them in making positive changes and to perhaps even help them recognise the signs of obesity setting in before it becomes insurmountable. As a community we can also promote to each other different healthy choices that can help prevent our children from suffering obesity. Obesity is a terrible burden that once established, a child may have to carry for the rest of their lives.

Do you see your child’s weight as it really is?

Is it OK to tell a parent their child  is gaining weight?

How would you go about it if you did?

Should we leave it up to the family doctor?

This is such a sensitive area, what do you think?

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